Gloucester Basin


Duralie Coal Mine is located in the Southern part of the Gloucester Basin, approximately 75 kilometres north of Newcastle and 20 Kilometres south of Stratford Mining Complex. In the project area the basin is approximately 4km wide.

Mining Operation

Duralie is an open cut mining operation which started in March 2003 and is owner operated by Yancoal Australia. The deposit consists of two target seams, the Weismantel Seam and the Clareval Seam. The seam thickness is consistent at between 10 to 12 metres (m) and is split into four main plies varying in average thickness from 0.8 to 7.5m. The partings, which separate the plies, vary in average thickness from 0.2 to 0.75m.

Run of Mine (ROM) coal mining at Duralie temporarily ceased in 2018.

Coal Preparation

Duralie produces a high fluidity coking coal. To optimise the recovery of coal and improve project economics, Duralie coal is blended with other raw coal and washed to produce low ash coking coal and a higher ash thermal coal. Run of Mine coal is transported to Stratford for washing by a shuttle train on the existing rail line.


Coal is transported and washed at Stratford and then railed to the Newcastle Port for export or domestic use.